Garden maintenance Costa Smeralda

Tecnoverde: maintenance of your garden.

Our service is aimed at private individuals, businesses, hotels, shops, shopping centers, public entities and all those who need green management.

Maintenance of gardens in villas and hotels

Garden maintenance in Costa Smeralda. We care about the regeneration of grassy carpets and the laying of green meadows. Our gardeners in Costa Smeralda take care of the flowers and hedges of the most renowned villas. Possessing a garden means keeping it in perfect condition to enhance it. Treat yourself to and offer your guests an environment that reconciles the soul with nature. The maintenance service for the gardens of Tecnoverde Garden allows to preserve in the best way the beauty and health of your green spaces.

Maintenance of public gardens. For the bodies and communes we handle the city parks and pruning trees with the highest standards. Thanks to our interventions we provide insect protection. We also avoid possible damage caused by the changing weather conditions.

Hotel Gardens in Costa Smeralda. Our mature experience allows us to find the best solutions to make each garden a statement. We also focus on the green areas and parks of hotels, restaurants, schools and shops. The professional gardeners and technicians who work for us are characterized by professionalism and passion for their job. We take care of the greenery, the flowers and the parks of the best hotels and shopping malls in Costa Smeralda.


Public green maintenance

You can trust our garden for any regular maintenance work, receiving a timely service at any time of year. From sowing to pruning, to the use of fungicides and anti-parasites, we will return any garden back to its perfect condition, ready to be admired and envied.

There are few people who tend to underestimate operations such as mowing, a key activity for garden health. By requesting our intervention, you will receive a rule of thumb. The grass will be cut to a minimum height in summer, reaching 2/3 cm from the ground in the spring and autumn periods. Only then can the soil maintain the right moisture and at the same time be able to absorb the essential nutrients

Irrigation gardens Costa Smeralda. With regard to irrigation and fertilization we are sure to offer only quality products. We always take into account the type of land on which to intervene and the season. Irrigation also has rules to ensure optimum grass growth. While ensuring that water penetrates the ground, we are careful not to cause dangerous stagnation phenomena.

Our customers have the opportunity to request timed schedules, and operations, as well as extraordinary maintenance. The garden will be so impeccably presented. Perfect for certain events such as outdoor parties or corporate receptions.

Pruning trees and high altitude hedges. We perform operations such as cutting back, spinning, thinning, and trimming. Before each intervention, we also evaluate the stability of the trees. Our professionalism allows us to perform the work according to the latest methodologies, and employing specific equipment

We continue to update Tecnoverde Garden in Olbia, in the best way possiable. We are able to propose the most effective techniques according to the species to be pruned, and the condition of the individual trees. At the end of the operation, we also deal with the disposal of the felled plants. We give you a neat and clean garden.

Are you looking for gardening professionals for garden maintenance?

The Tecnoverde Garden Team will manage all the issues related to garden maintenance and public greenery.