Our Mission

Tecnoverde Garden enhances your garden on the Costa Smeralda

People who are fortunate enough to reside in one of the cities along the Costa Smeralda can enjoy the marvels of this wonderful territory. Sardinia, apart from its crystal clear waters, is characterized by white sandy beaches. To make it even more special this area is presence to many unique herbal fragrances, such as lavender, lingonberry and myrtle.

Details that make a difference

TECNOVERDE GARDEN revives the magic of nature in the garden of your home, thanks to its colors, forms and fragrance. Our company operates as a nursery and garden center, realizing and treating any green space. We deal with both public and private green areas. The activity we have developed over the years has helped us to gain understanding and experience throughout the Costa Smeralda territory.

We enrich every garden thanks to our imagination. The core principles of TECNOVERDE GARDEN SRL have always been professional ethics and continuous quality research. We want to give you gardens that are a manifestation of your personality. We believe in innovation, so much so that we use the latest computer technology to design every green space in an enchanting way.

Giardini Costa Smeralda

The nursery: flowers and plants for all tastes

The focus of TECNOVERDE GARDEN SRL’s business is the nursery. Over the years, we have been able to expand our plant proposal, both retail and wholesale. You will be surprised by the many different varieties available.

Our products will make it irresistible to walk into your garden. In addition to specializing in the production of Mediterranean plants and typical shrubs of Costa Smeralda, you can contact us if you wish to buy:

  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Ornamental flowers
  • Garden plants
  • Fruit trees and plants
  • Shrubs, hedges and flowerbeds
  • Seasonal and perennial tree species
  • Ancient trees

Trees in Olbia for sale. Among the fruit trees we provide customers not only citrus fruits (from lemon to orange), but also olive trees, pomegranates and apples. Fruit plants help to enrich the colors and scents of gardens and terraces. The most popular are the dwarf specimens, Which have the undeniable advantage of being able to develop even in small spaces, even on the balconies. Dwarf trees are distinguished by their particularly fast fruit. They also do not need pruning. By choosing dwarf trees, our customers assure varieties that can grow without any problem on any soil.

Fruit trees in Olbia. The nursery of TECNOVERDE GARDEN SRL has also turf, which can grow both in the garden and inside the greenhouse. In the first case, combining them with annual or perennial plants, they allow the garden to enjoy greater brightness as well as giving a sense of rurality. They are also characterized by their adaptability to damp climates and the ability to require little care. Inside our greenhouses, plants can enjoy the ideal conditions to grow and to withstand the passing of time. The care provided by selected agronomists and farmers will allow you to exhibit spectacular and wonderful specimens in your garden, on the terrace or in your living room.

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